Services of Arvindhe Aghori

After doing so many researches Arvindhe Aghori has decided to do some social services and make propaganda regarding Aghori tradition in south India and also he decided for remove the all doubts and misunderstandings in general public regarding Aghori tradition and also he has noted that Aghori tradition was well established in north and northestern india. In part of that first of all he started this web site.

Param Pujya Aghoreswer Sri Bhagvan ram ji use to say that "A sleeping one can be woken up but not the one who pretends to be asleep." Like that Arvindhe Aghori decided to do some awareness programs in deferent fields to wakeup humanity in public with in his limits.

Segment of services

Spiritual Awareness program

In part of spiritual activities Arvindhe Aghori has decided to do Spiritual Awareness program through apart from the common masses, an inquisitive individual, in spite of the available material comforts, finds solace in spirituality. To help and guide all such people, Arvindhe Aghori will act as center of self-realisation. He believes that the all pervading Almighty is found within the conscience of each and every human being. One needs to keep on making efforts and the Almighty can be experienced within.

Social Awareness program

In order to spread the spirit of universal brotherhood and make people aware of their societal responsibility towards humanity, he carries out awareness drives and a number of welfare activities; acting as a bridge between the affluent and the deprived in the society. These programmes include awareness campaigns along with free distributions what ever they needs according to the circumstances in prisons, hospitals, orphanages, old- age homes, blind schools and similar other places.

Environmental Awareness program

He promotes forestation, reforestation for protection of existing forests. He also encourages protection and propagation of plants and herbs existing in the natural environment of the forests. In fact according to present global environmental condition this is essential thing to survive the publc with good health.

Fight Against Social Evils

In the pretext of religion, external hypocrisy and worthless rituals have made a permanent place in the society. On behalf of sufferers being an journalist and Aghori he is leading restless battle against to the social evils who are suffocating the society with their number of anti social activities, which are going on continuously in our society like corruption and all those things through his another website as named