Segment of ambitions

Initially as in individual stage

Initial stage in individually he is distributing the note books and slates to the students who are studying in govt schools and belongs to poor families and he is distributing fruits and other edibles to senior citizens who are residing in selective old aged homes. In coming future he is planning to distribute the medicines to who are required in specific old aged homes and aids rehabilitation centers.

Charitable trust

Arvindhe Aghori wants to establish Arvindhe Aghori charitable trust to extend his services in education and medical fields.

Educational field:

Through this charitable trust he will provide scholarships to the poor and merit students and also he is planning to establish an school to quality education at free of cost to the people who are living below poverty on behalf of this charitable trust

Medical field:

He will provide medicines at free of cost to the poor people who are taking treatment in govt hospitals on behalf of this charitable trust and he will assist them financially If it is required.

Last and final ambition

Being Aghori he and who ever may be think them selves they are belongs to pramatha gana and shavam is shivam. What ever the services will do to the diseased that will goes to Parama shiva. Like that some of the Aghories are performing ritual things in burial grounds on behalf of diseased for the purpose of providing Uttam gati to diseased. In the same sence he planned to make happy and comfort last journey to the diseased person by providing four wheeler at free of cost from diseased person's home to burial ground and also planned to provide freezers for diseased at the time of before leaving home for his last journey.