Pujya Baba Rajeshwar Ram Jee

After Baba Keenaram Jee, numerous successors took the responsibility and succeeded in their efforts to eradicate the social evils which was tampering overall society. Pujya Baba Rajeshwar Ram Jee was 10th Peethadheeshwer (Abbot) and it was during this time "1949-1979", the name and fame of Krim-Kund (Sthal) has touched new heights.

It was he, who introduced Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram Jee to Aughar tradition. Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram Jee (known as Sarkar Baba) accorded new dimensions to Aughar tradition and bought Krim-Kund on world map. For the first time in the history of Aughar tradition, an adolescent Siddharth Gautam Ram Ji was announced future Peethadheeshwer of Baba Keenaram Sthal, Krim-Kund (at the age of 9) the 11th in the series as per what conveyed by Baba Keenaram Jee that he himself will Re-incarnate as the Peethadheeshwer of Krim-Kund.

Baba Rajeshwar Ram Jee was also known as Burahu Baba. In many ways, Burahu Baba displayed the popular stereotype behavior of an Aghori. He was a large imposing man with a shaven head and terrifying expressions, who usually wore nothing but sandals. People typically describe him in three phrases, often with one or more repetition of bahut (more).

Burahu Baba manner was fierce and he often gave his "blessings " through the use of profanity to anyone who had the courage to come within his range.Keena Ramees (followers of Keena Ram Jee ) were quick to point out, however, that there was more to Burahu Baba then met the eyes. He was an educated man of Kshastriya origin who had traveled extensively throughout South Asia and fought for India's Independence before becoming an Aghori in his later years.