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At Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

( Headquarter and Pilgrim of Aghora tradition, across world )


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Answered by - Vishwanath Prasad Singh Ashthana (V.P.S.Ashthana - Who spent 60 years of his life with top Aghori Saints and the Writer of many books, based on Aghor / Aghori, Which content supposed to be the most authentic written material on Aghora / Aghori sect.)

Question :- What is the role and importance of "Guru" ?

Answer:- Generally the human tendency is to have a company of man like them. So Guru bears a figure of a gentleman neither Guru is a component. Chief Guru is Lord Shiva. For the need of the society he takes the shape of man, so that the people may easily come before him live or have a company of him freely. Guru has the power to attract the person coming before him. He observes each and every acts of the person before him like screening and has got the efficiency to evaporate his love and affection towards him.

Question:- What is the relation of "Shamshaan" (Cremation ground) with Aghories ( also known as Aughars ) ?

Answer :- What happens at any Shamshaan(Cremation Ground) ? it can be easily realized by any one. It's a place of initiating the journey for final destination (funeral). People come here, in the sate of sorrow and dejection, carrying dead body of their loved once for funeral. Thus the atmosphere of this place (Shamshaan), always remains deeply overwhelmed with the dejection and eternal peace and sorrow. So, under the direction of Guru, the able devotee visit this place for few hours and attains the feeling of peace and dejection. the renunciation easily, ahead than that Fear, Hesitation and Hatred from the dead body vanishes automatically from them. Generally the visitor at this place realize that there is nothing i.e. all the worldly matter and relations are false. This is one of the main cause, that very minute, push them to move towards from Maya Jaal (unrealistic world/life) to the path of salvation . though Major of the percent forget every thing, when moved out of this place. One thing is very sure that such ability comes, in generation to generation, through long practice. Though the path of Aghora is very easy and simple but the simplicity is very tough and critical. So hardly one or two, among, millions and billions, at any time, are fortunately able to achieve the stage of Aghora. Such persons are, fortunately, available in this universe. Generally those who are living at Shamshaan, wearing typical dress, keeping skull or human bone with them, showing awkward position and behavior are not Aughar (Aghori). One, who has attained the stage of Aughar (Aghori) becomes very simple, polite to all sweet speaking, full of love and affection. merciful for the poor and sufferings living beings. living in simple and generous manner as a gentle man. they visit this place on and off.

Question:- What is Shav -Saadhna ( meditating like dead body ) ?

Answer :- As it is stated in, its definition, that the person practicing, from any Sect/Religion/ Panth/ Parampara/ Sampradaya, can attain this stage, if he proceeds onward continuously (leaving behind the hurdles or miraculous acts, Siddhee etc. Generally the practitioners deviated by attaining such power etc. and proclaim themselves as Aughori/ Aughar). Next to it those who actually attained the stage, they become habitual to live a life through which they have practiced, as Muslim live and speak in their own state of living. Yogies in their own, the Taantriks in their own pattern and living. So a lot of misunderstanding are attached with it. Generally the quacks are the main reason in this case, knowing nothing, bearing furious and awkward dress and appearance, eating, drinking and enjoying only. Though it is very simple and easy but is very hard too. Hardly one or two may attain it at any time among millions of millions.

In the end, I would like to say that a lot of reasons are behind it. But very important one is that, if anyhow, one attain this stage, he becomes like Rudra i.e. the Shiva, merciful to all, very generous and loyal to society.They assemble such unwanted person around him to protect the society from their (unwanted person's) unwanted act and mend them gradually, without any consideration of his circle or Ashram. Let them finish their rough and dangerous act in the campus of his Ashram.

Question :- When this path is so pious and simple, then why so many misconception are there about it ?

Answer:- Change according the period is necessary but simplicity and easiness must be considered. Neither rigidity and orthodoxity prevails. Lord Buddha produced the very Saral Dharam periodically, so it prevailed all over the world. Aghorachaarya Baba Keenaram Jee Maharaaj, In 16th century, again changed it according to the period. In 19th century, Aghorachaarya Baba Bhagwan Ram Jee Maharaj" again represented the same periodically which is still prevailing and will go on the change of coming new period gradually. Dharma creates character and civilization, where as rigidity and orthodoxy ruins all. DHARMA (Real duty of a human being) is the soul of culture.

Question :- What is the process to attain such Bhakti ( Love & Affection ) ?

Answer:- As far as, we know, there is no institute from nursery to university, where such subject is introduced, except few cinematography institute for acting only. But from literate to illiterate and all living-being have got such soft corner as instincts, which some time goes at such height, that by hurdles they commit suicide too. Thus, the long contact with Guru or such powerful place, it starts automatically. When one visits fortunately to Guru or such powerful place with open heart-as empty-pot, free from any desires, pride of knowledge etc. like an innocent child! the Rays of Guru vision or pious place arises his inner self like hypnotism-method. Then his inner self becomes active, through which he perform his all responsibilities like a child, without any feeling-that I am doing such and such like a machine, by which the feeling of his act becomes unknown to him. Such action is called as (Nishkam Karma) and the same inspires and connects with Guru or Place. By the very process, Guru or such place remains with him, every time-every where, to control or direct accordingly to lead up to the stage of "Aghora". The Para Bhakti, thus performing all routine work, keep the figure of Guru in heart and vision, repeat his name or mantra, awarded by him. continuously without the use of tongue and lips having no consideration for purity, impurity latrine, bath or embedding. Nothing is pure, impure or wrong, be free, follow truth and inner inspiration.

Question:- What is "Dhooni" (spiritual fire pit) & what is it's importance ?

Answer :- After been directed to this place by his Guru, "Aadi Guru Dattatreya Jee Maharaaj", Maharaaj shree (Baba Keenaram Ji) initiated his reformatory work from this place. When he reached here, it was covered with dense forest. He then asked his disciple "Baba Bija Ram Ji" to bring woods from the cremation ground, and then burn the fire with the help of those woods brought from cremation ground. This act is believed to be known as beginning of his reformatory work of the society. He prayed to Lord Shiva for his presence in the Dhuni as "Agneya Rudra" (one of the forms of Lord Shiva). Since then the Dhuni is burning without any hinderance.

Question:- What is "Vibhootee" & it's importance ?

Answer :- As already mentioned that the Dhuni represents the presence of "Aagneya Rudra" (Form of Lord Shiva). The ashes produced, by the burning of the wood, is also believed to be the pious. It is also believed as the remover of all pain and sufferings. it is called "Vibhootee" i.e.the power, the victory award etc. So while one takes it, with great honour and deep faith, and placing upon their forehead and takes it in his mouth , also becomes free from all sufferings and problems. No matter whether it is Physical, Mental, Economical, Social or Spiritual. Question :- What is the name and importance of the "Pond" ? Answer:- It is named as "Kreeng Kund" ( Some people say- "Krim-Kund" ) from the time of "Baba Keenaram Jee Maharaj", although it's existence is as old as of this place. When Baba Kinaramji came down to this place, the "Pond" was in the form of small pool. As mentioned in the Holy Puranic(Ancient) books, it was mentioned as a "Beautiful Pond", where the son of Great Satya Vadi(Truth full) Raja (emperor) Harishchandra, died of snake bite. Baba Kinaram Jee Maharaaj renovate this pond and empowered its water with Mantra (Shakti) of "KREENG" to remove the pain and suffering or any problem, by taking bath with good faith and strong determination.

Question:- What is the meaning of "Samadhi" (Mausoleum) & it's importance ?

Answer:- Place (Mausoleum) , where the dead body of a Saint is buried is called as Samaadhi. Till the Yantra of Shiva Ling is placed it is incomplete. It is believed that Prayers done before Samadhi of great Saints is really fruitfull. Baba Keenaram Ji Maharaj Shree's smadhi is very much situated at this sacred place in form of a Temple. He lived in his body for 170 years, fighting with misunderstandings and other falls orthodox practices, prevailing in the society, due to which the mass of the society was being debarred from the society and leading a secluded & disgusted life. He honoured the ladies too, those leading a very poor life earning their bread by body business etc. He awakened the all and encouraged them by preaching the real way of life. They were leading a secluded poor and most neglected life in the society. Baba Keenaram Ji embraced all and encouraged them for better life with respect. Thus doing a lot for the humanity he called the devotees and disciples on 21st of September 1771 and left his body, among the huge gathering . His last golden words for devotees & disciples were " DON'T WORRY, COME HERE FOR YOUR PAINS AND SUFFERINGS AND ALL WILL BE REMOVED. I WILL COME AGAIN UPON THE 11th THRONE OF PLACE IN FORM OF A CHILD. THEN THE COMPLETE REJUVENATORY WORK WILL BE DONE".

Question:-What is AGHORA?

Answer: AGHORA is not only in some Sect., Religion, Sampradaaya or Path, Parampara . It is a Stage, State of mind. The Supreme Stage of Spiritual field, from where the Practitioner attains MUKTI (Salvation). Person practicing through any Sect. or Religion, if He proceeds continuously onward ( leaving behind the hurdles like SIDDHEE (Special Power), Miraculous acts, etc.) then, at last he could be able to achieve the Stage of AGHOR. Aghora is named by different names, according to difference of Sect., Religion and Language as "Aughar" , "Kaapalik", "Saankalya", "Paramhansa", "Auliaa", "Malang", "Avadhoot" etc.

All such titles are used for the very attainment the Stage of AGHORA.

BABA KEENARAM STHAL- KRIM KUND (Varanasi-U.P. INDIA) is the main School / institution, where person can attain it, easily, in a very short time by simple way. The Saadhnaa (Spiritual Practice) of this school is love and affection under the direction of their inner self i.e. the Soul. It leads towards the PARA BHAKTI.

Question: Who is the founder of this school and when it was established?

Answer:- As the name of Baba Kinaram Mahaaraaj ji is attached, with the name of this School , so generally people think that he was the founder of Aghor and this school . But this is not so . He was the rejuvenator, in 16th Century, of Aghora . This particular part of land is coming continuously as a very pious , since the creation of Earth . Lord Shiva remains here, according to the need of society ( in human form or formless position like wind ) to control the universe. Previously (A Saint) Sumedha Rishee , of Pauraanik (Mythological) period, too rejuvenated this place and did a lot for humanity. Thus, time-to-time, Powerful (spiritual) personalities came here and did their job for humanity. A King, Satyawaadi Raja Harishchandra, too passed his final test of Satya from here as his Son was bitten by snake . From 6th or 7th century, this place became very silent and covered by dense forest. Since then up to 16th century, Society became very wretched. Humanity was being ruined. Hatred, Untouchability, Poverty, Suffering, and many other problems were prevailing . All were roaming in fear, dejection, etc.. So the Lord Shiva took the form of Aghori and came in the name of Aghoraachaarya Baba Keenaram Jee Maharaaj and rejuvenated this place and realized the fearful and destructive form of future. He did a lot for all and established the thrown/Abbot system to control the future. So his name was attached with this school.

AGHORA or Aghori is not a new matter/ Subject. It comes with creation and ends with creation. As for as the history of culture available , it starts from stone age. Since then up to the middle of the Vedic period, the same called as Saral Dharma (Simple or Easy religion). In the middle of Vedic Period, when our learned Thinkers, Rishies and Maharshees observed the change in the tendency and mentality of the coming generation, they twisted the very easy religion accordingly , which was named as Vedic Religion. But process of achieving the main goal of life remained the same as the Vanaprastha Ashram, Renunciation leaving all, proceeding to forest leading upon self service and praying the same The Greatest Unknown, The Lord Shiva for Mukti (Salvation). In the oldest Saral Dharma, there was nothing to leave or to receive. The way of living was very simple, very close to nature .Not very attachment, not any detachment. Leading a simple and pious life attaining the Mukti, normally, the same was named as Aghor, when different Sect., Religion, Panth, and Parampara came in existance . Prior to Ramawataar , when foodgrains were not introduced and people were depending upon hunting the animals only , the name of Shree Matang Rishi is very respectfully stated in our pious books. He appeared among the poor dejected and hopeless living in Southern part of India . He taught and encouraged them by Saral Dharma. He assured his main devotee sever that Supreme in the name of Ram will come upon this hut, embraced you and preceded by his body to the place of Supreme place/Stage.

Question:- Why the skulls are erected on the main gate and what is its importance ?

Answer:- In normal case, skull contains the mind , the most important part of body because It controls the whole act of body. It is called as Central Nerves system. According to Yoga Philosophy, the same is named as Bramha-Randhra, when the practitioners try to place the soul in this part. The Soul is supposed as the part of Creator, The Shiva-The greatest unknown, thus it is the most pious one. Being the residence of such pious one, it is very pious part of body. But here its erection memorize us the story of Baba Keenaram jee Maharaaj . Baba Kinaraam Jee started roaming here and there, from the age of 12 years. In the end , He visited his guru , Aadi Guru Dattaatreya Jee Maharaaj at Kamandal Kund at the top of Girnaar Mountain ( Today it is situated in Gujrat State of India), where he attained the pious vision i.e. Aghor Stage. He was advised by him (God Dattatreya) **Go and serve poor and suffering people of the society**. Thereafter , he visited the power *Goddess Heenglaaj* at Karachi (Pakistan). Under her direction he, finally, reached at Harishchandra Ghaat (Cremation groung) in Kashi ( considered as most ancient place on this earth and now known as Varanasi) . There- his Aadi Guru Dattatreya Jee Maharaaj , in the name and form of Baba Kaaloo Ram Jee Maharaaj, was feeding corns (grams) to few skulls around him . Baba Keenaram Jee realized, that it is my exam and he stopped the skulls from eating . To memorize his first exam, These (Skulls) are erected at top of main gate.