Great warning to Arvindhe Aghori

After taking sanyasa deeksha the time was passed away about one year and three months. In the mean while about one year back he returned from his theertha yathra to his home. After reaching home he understood as that some thing is remain in his house affairs to be setteled and for the same purpose he was stayed in his home about one year. Which has to be setteled as remain in his home it was almost setteled.

He is enjoing the homely life with his grand daughter and grand son in unlimited level. But his mind is wondering for some thing, and he could not able to recognise the same. At the same time unexpectedly an big accident was happened while returning back to his home from his regular duties at the time of 11-00 pm. After occuring the accident about two and half hour passed away and he was felt in unconsious on road. No body is care about his situation. In that two and half hours what was happened to him in internally no body knows. The time is going up, it was 1-30 am of that midnight, some group of friends were passing on the same way. They were stunned to see the old man in such a mercyble condition and they have stopped their vehicles and as well as other vehicles as which are going to be passed the same road to reach some extents. Among those friend circle, one of them was serched to the old man and he got some clues about the old man, after verifying all of belongs to the old man, he got some identity card and through that, and he came to know as he is Arvindhe Aghori and he is an employee of a private company and he also got an mobile from his pocket. Through searching the phone book he got an Tv reporter's mobil no and he made a call to him and informed the same about the accident. Surprisingly he is none other than son of Arvindhe Aghori's poorvashram as he named Amar. With in a half hour he reached the place and recognised to Arvindhe Aghori. He stunned to see the condition of Arvindhe Aghori. He got an head injury at his kanpat and half of the face was scrached in bad condition, a stone was gone in to his right eye. However it is very bad condition. His son is not able to controle him self and he shouted loudly and started weeping. Due to his sound Arvindhe Aghori was came out of coma, which is called as unconsious and he opened his mouth and said to his son, Hey son, nothing to worry, I will recover whith in three and half hours and confidently Iam saying this words as I will wake up from this unconsious stage with in three and half hour and I will get rid this bad condition to live for a long period and don't cry. After that again he felt in unconsious stage. On his moble Amar called ambulance to shift arvindhe Aghori to some hospital for his medicle aid.

At last Arvindhe Aghori was shifted to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital. After watching the patient condition the doctors were told that, there is no hopes to live for the patient and any way there is no guarantee for his life and you should not blaime after giving treatment. But we assure you that we will try our level best to save him. Treatment was started, while taking treatment as he said surprisingly Arvindhe Aghori was wake up from his death bed with in three and half hours and instructed his son to take discharge from the hospital and let him take away to the residence. As he said he recovered from wounds with in soon and he started to attend his regular duties.

What was happend in that two and half hours.

In that unconsious stage Arvindhe Aghori is looking at bared old man, having long hire and beard behind the screen of snow falls and he is speaking with rourring voice " Hay, Arvindhe Aghori, after taking Aghor deeksha, why you are not implimenting the path of an Ahori, which I had make it as rules for you, after reaching home again and again you are roming arround about with your near and dear. This is not good for you. You have to perform your duties as I said while giving deeksha to you. You have to do somany things being an Aghori to this society and as well as Aghor tredition, wake up and do what I say and Iam warning you as that again and again you don't repeat the same and he says that from here onwards I will guide you as what you have to do in your coming future and blessed with Arivindhe Aghori and disappeared in the air. According to scetches he is no one other than Aghoracharya BaBa Kinaram ji. After hearing Mahathma's voice Arvindhe Aghori was wake up from his unconsious stage and at the same time he has given assurence to his son as I will get rid this bad condition to live for a long period and don't cry and as he assured he was came out of danger and surviving with good health and also he is going on his own way as directed by Aghoracharya BaBa Kinaram ji.