Maharaj shri Baba Kinaram jee

According to Research Scholars and Historians- Baba Keenaram ji is the rejuvenator of the ancient Aghor tradition, across world. Baba Kaluram jee, known to be “Guru” (spiritual teacher), awakened the consciousness of “Aghor”

Baba Kinaram was known as the biggest saint of the Era of Aghor tradition also known as Lord Shiva tradition. Baba Keenaram Jee known to be the Father of modern form of ancient Aghora/Aghori sect., across world. Baba Keenaram Jee known to be the Father of modern form of ancient Aghora/Aghori sect., across world. He had direct vision of Bhagwan (GOD) Parama guru Dattatreya. He has mentioned principles of Aghor in his books *Viveksaar*, *Ramgeeta*, *Ramrasal* and *Unmuniram*. The book called *Viveksaar* which was written by Baba Keenaram, and said to be the most authentic treatise on the principles of Aghor.

According to Hindu Calender, Aghorachaarya Baba Keenaram Jee Maharaj was born on Aghor Chaturdashi (Bhadrapad) in 1601 A.D in Ramgarh village of Chandauli (has become a district now) region of Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh State, India. The entire region became overjoyed when the childless couple Shree Akbar Singh and Mansa Devi finally got their child. After the birth, the child neither cries nor suckled at his mother’s breast for three days. After three days when three monks (who were believed to be manifestations of Lord Sadashiva –Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) came there, took the child in their arms and wishpered something into his ears. Amazingly the child began to cry for the first time since birth. It is from that day onwards the Lolark Shashti festival is celebrated as Sanskar of Maharaj Shree Baba Kinaram Jee.

After that he enjoyed his sofgoing childhood and later that some bad events were accured in his life. He lost his wife in the early stage even before leading of his life as gruhasta and after some time his parents have got Shiva sayuja. He was became alone in the world. Due to that he was left with his home and village. After roming some devotional and historical places he choosed the way of saints.

During his tour Kinaram first stopped at the dwelling of “Grihast Saint” ( Married Saint ) , Baba Shiva Das for few days. Baba Shiva Das observed Baba Kinarm activities very minutely and was impressed by the extraordinary qualities, suspecting that he is an Avatar or an reincarnation. One day while on way to bath in river Ganga, Baba Shiva Das handed over his entire belongings to the boy Keenaram and hid himself in nearby bushes. He observed that the river Ganga become very restless as the boy approached closer. The level of water started to rise, and it was suddenly settled down only after touching the feets of Baba Keenaram. After that he left that place and reached Girnar hills. In that hillery area he had direct vision of Bhagwan (GOD) Parama guru Dattatreya. At the same time Goddess Hinglaaj (Chief Goddess of Aghori) blessed Baba Keenaram in Karachi and followed him to upto Krim-Kund, which is situated at Ravindrapuri, Shivala, Varanasi. Later on , baba Keenaram established himself in the city of Varanasi, for the service of the people and enlightened them with the ancient wisdom.

Moving ahead in his tour, he reached a village Karon. There he saw an old widow badly wailing and weeping. Kina Ram Babaji went to her and enquired about the cause of her anguish. She told him that the village Jamindar, landlord, in order to realize the remaining part of the revenue, had ordered his hoodlums to catch and tie down her only son ‘Vijaya' and then beat him down in the scorching heat.

He immediately went to the jamindar and requested him to shun his cruelty in the name of humanity, but the landlord demanded his revenue in full. The baba then commanded him to dig the earth where he was standing and take the revenue from the wealth kept therein. The jamindar, out of anger started digging the earth by the heels of his shoes and to his wonder found a vessel full of wealth underneath. On seeing the wealth the jamindar fell down upon the feet of the Baba Kina Ram and released the boy Vijay.

This boy remained in the company of Baba Kina Ram and in due time became the famous Bija Ram Baba. He later on succeeded Aghoracharya Maharaja Kinaram on the seat of Kring Kunda.Taking Bija Ram along with him, Kinaram Baba continued his tour and reached Juna Garh. There he sent Bija Ram to collect alms from the people, but the Nawab of Juna Garh was very strict against begging. Once arrested the beggars were sent to the jail. Bija Ram was also arrested and sent to the jail. When it became too late and Bija Ram didn't return, the Baba meditated and found out the reason of the delay.Babaji learnt that the Nawab had no children.

Maharaja Shree Baba Kinaram ji thought out a plan and went out begging himself. He too was arrested and sent to the jail. In the jail, everyone had to grind the grain with the grind stones. He forbade the saints to stop grinding and he gently knobbed all the stones by his stick and said, “chal chal re chakki”. As a result all the grindstones started working on their own and grounded the grain. Soon the news reached the Nawab and he came running to the jail and saw the miracle himself.He asked for pardon from Babaji and persuaded him to grace his fort by going there. He agreed and went with him. He was formally received at a grand reception organized by the Nawab.

He then presented valuable gems to him. The Baba took a gem and put it in his mouth but then spit it out saying that it had no taste. He asked the Nawab to make sure that the beggars would be supplied with two and a half paav aata and salt without any cost. All the saints were freed from the jail and soon the Nawab was blessed with a son.Once Maharaj Kina Ram Babaji, rode a donkey along with a cat, and reached Darbhanga a small town in Bihar.

There the “Brahmins” were in a big majority and they were mostly “tantrik.” He told the Brahmins that since the backward classes liked to eat meat and fish hence if they shunned their aversion for these, the conversions to other religions will stop and the number of Hindus would not be depleted. Kinaram also explained to the Maithil Brahmins that due to their hatred for all the lower and the schedule castes they have been attracted by the other religions. So if the lower castes were given a place in their hearts then they wouldn't feel neglected from the Hindu religion. In return they will give you love and respect and at same time will safe guard the society as well. The Maithils retorted that if he exhibited some extra-ordinary power, only then they would obey him.

They challenged him to rejuvenate a dead elephant. Maharaj Shree Baba put the cat on the elephant and ordered his donkey to spur it. After sometime the cat disappeared and the elephant stood up. Seeing this wonder, the Maithils Brahmins began to eat meat and fish and their aversion for these disappeared.It was the time of Mughal expansion when Hindus were forced to become Muslims. At that time Maharaj Shree Baba reached Kohleen city.

This city was twice destroyed by Musalmans and Pindaris jointly. It was badly mauled, looted and burnt. Many left the city for other places. The old, the sick, the children and the women were dying of hunger. Maharaj Shree Baba kinaram jee dedicated himself to ameliorate their suffering. He arranged for food and shelter, and rekindled hope and faith in them to be healthy. He departed from the place after assuring the people of his presence whenever they needed him in their suffering.

Once when Maharaj Shree was in Surat he heard that the inhabitants of the city were about to kill a young widow along with her newly born child by tying down their bodies and throwing them into the sea. Maharaj Shree Babaji forbade them from the act. He tried to teach them that the widows are to be respected in the society and they are to be treated with kindness and compassion. He also said that they have to be encouraged to live a simple life and if possible should be allowed to marry again. But the people said that this woman was corrupt.

Maharaj Shree Babajee then said that they should also catch hold of the father of this illegitimate child, tie him down with them and throw them into the sea. “If you say I can pick him up; he is one of you and he is here”, said the Baba Shree.All of them, walked away with heads bent with shame. Maharaj Shree Babaji ordered her to live on the Samadhi of Nar Singh. Later on a tornado destroyed the Surat city. Since then the people began to fear even the name of Maharaj Shree Kinaram Babaji.

Once there was a big feast organized by Baba Lota Das in Varanasi and all the saints and mahatamas were invited for the auspicious occasion. Maharaj Kinaram Babajee had helped the Baba Lota Das many times but he forgot to send him the invitation. Without the invitation also the Maharaj Kinaram Babajee reached the place and sat quietly in one place. The vegetarian food was being served but in the plates the alive fish started to move around and the water started to smell like alcohol.

Some people noticed Maharaj Kinaram Baba and told the host Lota Das Babajee that he has to request Maharajjee first for the prasad. Baba Lotadas went to Maharaj Kinaram and bowing to him asked for his forgiveness. He requested him to eat his prashad and they started putting the puri (round bread deep fried in oil) and the curd in his vessel made of the human skull. They started putting the food in the vessel (Paatra) and it vanished every time.

The stored food were getting less and less and nobody has eaten.The host Baba again came running to him and admitted the mistake that how can he feed the one who can feed everybody in the universe. Then Maharaj told him that the food will be back in his store. The food was four times more than they had cooked. He then blessed Baba Lota Das.The Maharajjee always loved the saints and his only intention was to keep peace and harmony between all monks (saints) whether they were vegetarians or non-vegetarians.

There is an Aghor saying that the god is not bothered about your food habits. He is concerned with the purity of the soul. So after this incident the members of the Baba Lotadas place started to respect the Maharajjee as the Guru Maharaj and his disciple as their Guru-bhai (brother). They also started to keep the prashad (the food offered first to the diety before being to others) for the Guru Maharajjee every time they have a feast organized.

Maharaj Kinaram Babajee invited many of his disciples and bhaktas on September 21 st , 1771. Addressing them he said, ‘O! My dear ‘bhaktas', after I die, put this mortal body near the ‘yantra' of the Goddess Hingalaaj, and during the Samadhi take care that the body should be placed facing east. Who ever prays, taking rounds of the ‘yantra' of Hingalaaj Devi near my mortal remains, shall have all his desires fulfilled'. After this he enjoyed his ‘hookka'.

Suddenly a terrible roar as if in an earthquake was heard and simultaneously a bright light like an electric flame was also seen. A bright light appeared to come out from his head and rocketed high in the sky where it finally disappeared amidst a levy of musical notes. Men, women, birds and animals were all sad and wept.In response a voice came from the sky, “Don't be in anguish. I shall always be staying in one form or the other near the eternal Dhuni. Leave aside your attachment”.

The first three hours of the morning had passed. Pipes were playing in the sky. Flowers were showered, the aroma of the lot of smelling flowers gave a strange sweetness to the surrounding atmosphere. Drenched in the nectar of flowers, the mortal body of Gurudeva Maharaj Shree Kinaram Babajee was being put in Samadhi within the ambit of the ‘yantra' of Hinglaj Devi. At the same time a voice came from the sky, “Dear bhaktas and my beloved ones, whenever you remember me, while being attacked by mortal or spiritual suffering of any kind, I shall always come to your help.”

He (Baba Keenaram) was the Founder/1stPeethadheswar (Abbot) of Baba Kinaram Sthal, Krim-Kund and lived for 170 years. Before he took Samadhi , in 1771, at Baba Kinaram Sthal [ where His body is buried in a tomb, along with Goddess Hinglaj in Yantra ( A Mystical geometrical shape to represnt the presence of goddess) 's form ], he conveyed to his disciples that he will Re-incarnate as 11th Peethadheeshwer/Abbot of Krim- Kund (Keenarm Sthal ). Present 11th Peethadheeshwer, Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram jee, is considered to be the re-incarnation of Baba Keenaram jee himself.