Introduction to Yantras

Being Aghori we are having the responsibility making awareness and promote the spirituality and devotional feelings in every one. In the same sense we are introducing some yantras through our website which are most powerful and give the prosperity and wealth to the sadhak and we are not charging any thing for said copper metals/yantras. We are charging only the expenses for getting pranaprathishta to the same.

Most of the Yantras are available in Panchdhatu (a mixture of five metals), Gold Plated Copper (color), Silver or in Silver Lockets. The sample pictures of so many Yantras in our products gallery.

Yantras are the astroremedies that are used to attract the specific positive energies from the cosmos, i.e. to remove the negative influences and increase the positive influences of the of planets/stars. Yantras influence our mind, body and the environment around us, in which we are living.

As we told you, everything in the universe is made of energy. The cosmos is the biggest source of this energy and the planets are the biggest bodies that cause this energy disturbance. If you are doing something that means you are attracting a certain type of energy. But if you are getting difficulties in something it means that you are not attracting the like energies.

In Hindu religion the different cosmos energies / powers are worshiped in the form of different Deities or God/Goddess. In our ancient Indian Vedic science, there are some special sound's vibrations to control and concentrate these Cosmic Energies, we called them Mantras, and the geometrical shapes of these Mantras (special sounds) are called Yantras.