1. Born baby: It is innocent. It is an living god. Every one has to take care about it and has to love it by heartily. In result it will give joy and happiness to every one of it's elders and it will provide happy home.

  2. Child hood: It is a joyful stage of every human being. No one can forget about it. In this stage every child has to play with the games and learn so many things from it's elders and obey them with obedient.

  3. Middle aged child: This stage is right time for join in studies. In this stage every child has to concentrate on studies along with good behavior and also it has to give joy and happiness to it's parents and teachers with the affords in studies to learn so many things which were very use full for their golden future. Why because this stage is the first step for good turns of every human life. If the child is going in wrong side, it will never turn up to right path of it's life.

After doing so many researches Arvindhe Aghori has decided to do some social services and make propaganda regarding Aghori tradition in south India
In part of spiritual activities Arvindhe Aghori has decided to do Spiritual Awareness program through apart from the common masses, an inquisitive individual, in spite of the available material comforts, finds solace in spirituality.