Who is the Ist Aghori on the earth

From before of all the yugas Lord shiva, Sri Mahavishnu and Brahma are three supreem powers in all over srishti. Brahma was genarator, Vishnu was stabular and Lord shiva was destroyer of the srishti and their duties are going on as usual.

It was kruthayuga time. One day Indrasabha was held in swargaloka to discus on topic of Deavasura Sangramam. Including Lord Shiva and other deligates all were came in time and sitting on their respectble chairs and started discus on preferential topic. At the same time with the littlebit of late Daksha prajapathi was entered in to sabha. Daksha prajapathi is also an Honíble coordinator in srishtikriya. In that same sence everybody has stand up from their chirs to honor him. But Supreem Lord Shiva was not noticed this and he is thinking about his required topic which is essential to discus in sabha.

Due to this Daksha praja pathi was angered with his own suninlaw Lord shiva, But he didnít responded in this regard at that movment. After this incident he wants to take revange on Lord shiva. Being a part of revange Daksha praja pathi was planned to perform an Maha yagna for loka kalyanam with out invitation of Lord shiva. Genarally who ever so perform any yagna, part of itís performence he has to give Agratamboolam to the Supreem of god Lord shiva. But due to hesitating Lord shiva, Daksha praja pathi has not invited him, not also that he didnít invited his own daughter as Sati Devi too, who is wife of Supreem god Lord shiva.

To attend to the yagna somany deligates like Devathalu including Brahma, Indra, Surya, Chandra, Agni and others, Yakshulu, Kinnarulu, Kimpurushulu and naradadi munivarulu like that every one is russhing to the Daksha yagna with enthusiasm and curiosity. Smt Sati devi was watching all this and enquired with paricharika about all of this. She explained everything to Smt. Sathi Devi and also explaind for this yagna Daksha praja pathi didnít invited to Lord shiva and as well as Smt. Sathi devi and remain all are invited for the same.

Smt. Sathi devi felt in sad with his fatherís activiti, but being daughter of Daksha praja pathi she ignored everything with the love and affection with his father and she approched to her husband to get permission to attend the yagna wiht even no invitation. Naturally first of all he try to convinced her not to go there and at last Lord shiva has not given permission to attend the yagna, but after getting somuch of pressure from his wife, he has noway except give permission to her.

Smt. Sathi Devi went to her perentís house in the occasion yagna. Her mother and other relations were recieved her with heartfull joy, But when Daksha praja pathi see her in his premisses he was shivered with anger and cursed brutally with ubusing words to her and his husband before the all of Deligates. With this bad mannered resiption of her father, Smt. Sathi Devi got angred and burnt in yogagni her self. With this incident every one of deligate affraided and some of deligates ran away from that place and some of other deligates not even responded for the same.

Through Naradadi munivras Lord shiva was came to know about all the things and he was got very much angree with Daksha prajapathi and other deligates, who were attended for the yagna. After that he has started rudhra tandavam. In the same time he has pull out one bunch of his hairs from his head and tapped on earth. Through that KALA BHAIRAVA has come out and seeking for the order from Lord Shiva, what he has to do in this regard ,Lord shiva has ordered him to destroy the yagna and teach a lesson to all deligates.

KALA BHAIRAVA has started from there with Pramatha Ganas to destroy the Daksha yagna and punish him respectively. In that terific movment KALABHAIRAVA has cut the throat of Daksha prajapathi and throwned the removed head in yagnakundam and started to teach lessons to other deligates by the way of terific action. In that movement Surya deva has lost his teeth and Brahma deva has lost one head out of five heads. Untill that Brahma was called as Panchamukha Brahma. There after he called as Chaturmukha Brahma. Like this other deligates each and every one has also got treatment in this manner. Afterthat Daksha yagna was totally destroyed and there was nothing to see about it. kalabhairava has returned with his force to Lord Shiva and explained every thing to him scene by scene.

In this occasion due to removel of one head of Panchamukha Brahma, the slave of Lord shiva, Kalabhairava have got Brahmahathya pathaka and the butchered head of Brahma was sticked over to Kalabhairavaís palm. Kalabhairava has asked solution to remov the head from his palm. Than Lord shiva has given a adwise as that roming with all theerhas and have a holy bath in those rivers and take darshan of local god. Where ever the place, that the Brahmaís head will separate and disappiar from your palm than you recognise that is the greatest theertha in this world and it is my favorite place. Than and there you settiled as kshethrapalaka and with in soon I will also come over there as AGHORI.

After that Lord Shiva went to the Daksha yagna place and excused the sins. In the same way he has given rebirth to Daksha prajapathi with goat head. At last he has taken his wifeís dead body and kept on his sholder and started roming around the world. Due to this unwanted detachment with his wife Smt. Sathi Devi he vexed with genaral life and he has sacrifised every thing including his duties, which are concerned to Control the laya of srishti krama,

Along with dead body his bodyís weight was growing up day by day. Bhoodevi is not at all talarating the weight and sinking then and there. Looking all these things to save the Bhoodevi, Sri Maha Vishnu throwned his Vishnuchakra to cut the dead body of Sathi devi and Vishnuchakra has cut the dead body of Smt. Sathi devi in ashta dasha parts and they were throwned in different places. Last one of the peace of dead body was felt in Varunamasi sangama place. At the same place Kalabhairava has got relief from Brahma Hathya Pathakam. According to Lord shivas adwise then and there he has settiled as kshethrapalaka.

The last peace of dead body has appeared as Mata Vishalakshi. she use to feed the poor and hungered persons up to thir satisfacion as her habit in the means of Annadana vratam, thatís why she femilierd as Mata Annapoorneswery. Lord parama shiva has recognised her as smt. sathi devi while taking biksha from others and he use to take food from her as biksha and settiled then and there as Aghori. Now that place has become very familiar in deferent names like KASHI, Varanasi or banaras which is in Uttarpradesh state.