Conversation between Arvindhe Aghori and with his Guru ji

On that day time was around 8am. Arvindhe Agori and his guru both were sat on the river bank of Ganga at Alahabad, which is far about 3 and half hours journey from Varanasi by train.

Before taking sanyasa deeksha, arvindhe started conversation with his Guru ji as follows:

Arvindhe: first of all, I am happy to introduce my self as Shanmukh Arvindhe, I belongs to Hyderabad which is capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Professionally Iam an journalist. I have completed my all responsibilities which were on my shoulders and left from home for theerdh yathra. Swami ji with my curiosity I want to have a dicussion about indian mythology. Why because Iam in confusion regarding what for every one taking birth, what for they are living and what for they are going to die and from where they are coming and they are going to where.

Guru ji: yes my child, you can ask what ever you want to know.... I will try my level best to resolve your doubts.

Arvindhe: first of all, let me know about your name swami ji.

Guru ji: are you asking for my physical body's name or my inner body's name?

Arvindhe: I mean everybody is calling you by which name?

Guru ji: in poorvashram I use to called as Hemant thrivedi, but it is very long back. After entering in sanyasa I never called by any name. Everybody use to call me as baba ji or swami ji. In this regard I want to tell you one thing. Please let me know one thing about you, are you called by any name at the time of your birth and are you going to take it any thing along with you after leaving this world. Have you taken your birth along with any one and are you sure about you will have a companian in your last journey.

Arvindhe: Iam not having any name at the time of my birth. My father and my mother have put my name and they use to call me as Shanmukh Arvindhe and nobody was taken birth along with me and also Iam not at sure about I may have companian in my last journey.

Guru ji: in such a case why you are giving prominence for that, which is temporary thing for you, I mean....

Arvindhe: Iam not understanding what you are saying with me swami ji.

Guru ji: frankly Iam saying this word, the sole is separate and physical body is separate. But they both are bundiled by one rope. So you are looking as live. Every one of this world use to call it as live or pranam or jaan or uieru like that in various languages. In this regard I want to tell you one thing. that's call athma. It is none other than Supreem lord or you can call it as god according to your desire or wihshes. In this regard for example if you are standing before the mirror you can see your chaya or prathibimb or image, in this case you will be original object and opposite side which you are watching your shade or your chaya. Just like that original object is Supreem lord and his shade or chaya is your athma. Here it is original object your body and chaya or shade is your prathibimb or your image. When the original object will disappear, shado or prathibimb (image) will also disappear. This is called as the person has died. After that the physical body will be cremated according to the what ever the religious norms. Here the physical body was gone in to the earth. But the athma has gone where, just you think about it for a minute. From where it was came, in return it was gone to the same destination. But it is alive and it will be live for ever. No one can destroy it and No one can kill it. When the physical body was cremated every thing will be vanished which are it's belongs and there will be no remain. In such a case why we has to give somany prominence give to the uncertain things like name, relation ship with others. So these all are trash. Only the god is longlast for ever. He is the last destination for every one.

Arvindhe: Iam very much pleased to hear what you have said to me. But I didn't get clarification regarding my doubts about what for every one taking birth, what for they are living and what for they are going to die and from where they are coming and they are going to where.

Guru ji: Every one is taking their birth due to some causes which were decided by creator and they have been send to the earth by creator. According to his desires they have to do the things what ever in their life. This is called karma. After completion of that karma they has to leave the earth towards god's feet to enjoy the results of their sins or good things for which they have done in their life time. I hope that you might have understood what I have said to you in this regard.

Arvindhe: I have understood what you have said, But I could not able to understand one thing, If the god desired to do the things what ever it is in their life time, some people are doing harm to this society up to their capacity, is it an desire of god, is it an instruction of god.

Guru ji: No, certainly those things are not going on as per god's desire. Due to maya or selfishness they are doing all these things and it is also it is their fate. Why because every bad thing will be end at one stage. After ending the bad stage the god is expecting the repent frome the athma. But one thing you should realize about it. When the creator is sending one athma to the earth along with awareness (Gnana or Buddhi) about good and bad why the things are going in negetive way, it's all are going to be by the sake of maya and it's all are in part of god's play (leela vinodam).

At the same time maya will coverd that sole and maya will vanish all the awareness and cleverness which was gave by the creator. Due to that every sole will be fallen in to innocence and in result of that every sole will be mingled with selfishness and ego (Aham). Due to that wishes will be gone up to the sky level and according to that physical body will do the bad things according to it's instant wishes. But one thing I can say as that every inner body has to enjoy the fruits in result of it's bad or good things before or after leaving it's physical body, which were done by it in it's life time.

Arvindhe: In last let me know about how the human body has to lead thier life? please give a message to all of human bodies.

Guru ji: Every one has to lead thier life in right way not to against god's norms and regulations and not to yield for unreasonable things and think one minut before doing any thing in their life time about is it is good or bad and live with transparency and believe in the way of truth. Who will lead the life in this way, he can not do such bad things in his life time and he will reach the goal which he has to reach after his death.

Arvindhe: Swami ji, till this movement I have compleated what ever the responsibilities which were on my shoulders. Now I wants to lead my remain life in the way of god. So I want to sacrifice every thing in my life including the relation ship with even my children, wife and blood relations. Please consider me as your follower and give me sanyasa deeksha.

Guru ji: You see my child, sanyasa deeksha is not at all the path of filled with flowers, it is filled with full of stones and needles. It is very hard and difficult way for any one. It won't give peace for any one who will take sanyasa deeksha and always he will be draged in to maya moham and it is very difficult to escape from the clutches (hands) of maha maya. I think you are in dipression, with the same you are to be forced to take sanyasa deeksha and I here by advising you as not to take sanyasa deeksha. and for some time you lead your life in peace and don't take pains for a long. You will be all right with in a soon.

Arvindhe: Swami ji, I understood what you have told me, In this regard I want to expose my vews before of you with your kind permission.

Guru ji: What ever it is, just flow it immediately.

Arvindhe: Swami ji, In my vews first of all I will tell you about sanyasa. It means sacrifice with every thing of this world, including every thing of personal relation ship with own or own blooded and who was taken the sanyasa deeksha he has to obay the systems of sanyasa untill his life end and he should not yield for any thing. That is sanyasa deeksha. Is it right?

Guru ji: Almost you have said absolutely right, But in this regard maturity is very much essential to take sanyasa deeksha and it is not correct way to think as when we want to take sanyasa deeksha as immediately we can take it. In my vew this is not right time to take sanyasa deeksha for you.

Arvindhe: Swami ji, Iam very much sorry to say as I disappointed with your words. But one thing I can say as that is from gangtak to bay of bengal (Calcutta) the most Holy river Ganga is flowing. I will start my last journey from gangtak to bay of bengal as sadhu with out taking sanyasa deeksha untill end of my patency. When ever it will ends, I will jump in to holy river Ganga to reach the god's feet and I will stop my last journey by the way of diping in t o Ganga river. Do you understand what for I have request you to give sanyasa deeksha. It is only for following the rituals of the system. If no one is giving sanyasa deeksha I don't mind for ever and I won't feel sad for the same and Thank you very much for spending some time with me among your valuable time.

Guru ji: Wah, what a word you have been delivered. This much of sturdiness must have for the every candidate who is begging for sanyasa deeksha. I have satisfied with your words and I will provide the sanyasa deeksha for you. Just you go to holy ganga river and take holy bath and come back here soon with the wet dress.

After that according to Guru's word Arvindhe comback with wet dress and then his guru has given the sanyasa deeksha by performing the rituals of Aghories system. After completion of rituals Guru ji call him Arvindhe Aghori.