Beware of 21st Dec 2012

This date was got very good prominence in through out the world. Myanmar calendar and most of the astroremedies are saying that the entire world is going to be destroyed on 21st December 2012. Do you think is it true? I can say that it may be. There are many chances to be happened. Why because?

It was told in Shiva puranam as we are having four yugas as Krutayuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparayuga and in last Kaliyuga. Every yuga will end at the stipulated time, when the sin has increased beyond the limits.

As they told in the end of every yuga from Krutayuga, until Dwaparayuga sin was increased beyond of the limits and similarly srusti was destroyed and regenerated as referred in Itihas. Through this we can learn that formation and reformation is quite natural in srusti karma. Now the remain is Kali yuga.

Another example is in Bhagvatgeeta Lord Sri Krishna was revealed to Arjuna when the war is going to be start between Pandavas and Kouravas at Kurukshetra as when the wightage of sin was increased on this world, definitely I will take another avatar and I will give the protection to god followers and I will punish the violators rules which were made by me in the end of Kaliyuga. That means it is nothing but Maha Pralayam.

Now a days you can watch any where in news papers or Tv channels. So many murders are happening with out humanity for the cause of uncertain things like gold, property, currency or satisfy the other gender who is the legal or illegal contact. So many illegal contacts are accruing between unreasonable relatives like brother and sister or bobby and devar or father and daughter. There is no values for human relation ship. Who use to protect the people, he is attempting for theft or rape. Who use to do the justice he is doing injustice to the public. Who use to protect the law, he is spoiling the ethics of law. Who use to teach the lessons to the children, he is attempting for the rape. Who use to do the service to the public, he is cheating. Each and every where corruption, malpractices and cheating is accruing in this world. Each and every where terrorist attacks are accruing in this world. It has became a passion to kill others or do the harm with others. Wightage of sin is going up in this world. The time is coming up. This world will be destroyed with in soon. So wake up from the sleep and protect your self.

According to Indian mythology we are having three vital gods. They are one is Brahma for creation IInd one is Sri Maha Vishnu for stabilization of this srushti and IIIrd one is Lord Parama Shiva for destroying this srushti.

Here we have to discus about destroyer who is ultimate god for laya (End) and called as laya karaka. He is none other than lord Parama shiva. He is the destroyer of any live. That's why he use to called as Maha Kal. When ever who may be in their last stage and suffering with illness or in death bed, If they are approaching him, definitely they will get rid of death. For this you can take an example Markandeya puranam.

In that puranam, Child Markandeya was only the son of one traditional Brahmin. Child Markandeya was taken his birth after a long time to that Brahmin couple. His father was prayed to the god as if he blessed with a child he will thankful to the god until his life end and he will do what ever god says. Lord parama shiva was appeared before of him and offered to ask some thing to fulfill his desires. Marakandeya's father was asked only bless him with a child. At that time lord Parama Shiva has given two options as if he would blessed with buddhi mandhya putra (Mentally retarded son) that child will alive up to long life or if he would blessed with the child as buddhi jeevi (Clever boy) he would die at the time of eleventh birth day.

Then Markandeya's father asked for Buddhi Jeevi. In that way Child Marakandeya would be offered to the god according to his father's promise. When the time was came nearer he don't want to sacrifice him to the god. He was weeping to leave the child on his eleventh birth day. The child Marakandeya was asked him as what is the reason to weeping like this. Then father was revealed every thing to him. After hearing about the fact before one day of his eleventh birth day, the boy was approached to an Shiva temple and hugged with shiva linga. The time was came. Mruthyu (yamudu/kaludu) Dev arrived at that place and thrown the kalapasham on that boy's head. At that time the boy was continuously chanting "Oum Namah Shivayah" kalapahsam couldn't able to get control on Child Markandeya's live. Mruthyu (yamudu/kaludu) Dev was got wondered to see this unusual thing and prayed to Parama Shiva as what is the reason for the same. Then Param Shiva appeared there and explained as who are approaching to save their life at the time of suffering or on death bed, definitely they will secured by me, so you should leave this boy and not to kill him. Hearing the Param Shiva's order Mrutyu Dev was left that boy and disappeared from there.

Like that who ever may be approaching to lord param shiva to save them, definitely he will secure them, there is no doubt at all. Do you want to be secured on that day, 21st Dec 2012. So wake up from the deep sleep and protect your self. The time was came nearer to us. Hurry up and get approach param shiva by starting 'Koti shiva panchakshari' as "Oum Namah Shivayah". This is not only for your sake. It will secure your beloved persons along with society and this world. Due to this 'Koti Shiv Panchakshari' Maha Kal Param Shiva may be get satisfied and he might be spread over his rays of karuna (worship) to this world and the end of world (Maha Pralayam) would be postponed to some other hundreds of years together. So don't waste the time and join with us in 'Koti Shiv Panchaksari Maha yagjna' and down load the shiva koti pdf file from this website and start with writing "Oum Namah Shivayah". I hereby request you to kindly send that completed copies to our postal address as mentioned here under and I hereby assure you that your copy will reach to Amar Natheeswar or Kasi visveswara's premises on your name as your application to the lord param shiva.

God may bless you and all and bring the peace to all of you and I wish that Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavanthu for ever

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