Arvindhe Aghori

Arvindhe Aghori is professionally journalist. He was born in richest family at Vijayawada, Krishna Dist, A.P. on 5th September 1962. His father was an business man in electrical business. His mother is an house hold wife. Along with him he is having three sisters. His child hood was gone very smoothly. But from his child hood he is very much interested in read and hear our Holy books like Devi Bhagavatam, Shiva puranam, Ramayanam, Mahabharatam etc…

He use to think always about Indian Mythalogy and he believes that human life is very short term. With in the short span every human has to lead the life in right path and every one has to love each other in respectively and no one should do any harm to any one in his life and he belives that with in this short span of life no one will have permanent relations each with other and this relationship was built by Maha Maya which is beyond the hands of human bodies. In the same sence he dosen’t have any affections with any one in the world. But he belives that remaining is only the duty and every one should fullfill the same.

He has completed his education upto, with in time before his 20th age and he started his own business in electrical field at the age of 20th and runned it smooth goingly. Three sisters were married in time and they are happy with their famlies. Like with others Arvindhe also got married with varalakshmy at his 21st age and with in soon with the grace god be was blessed with two children. Sudden of movement in his life, his father was felt in serious sickness due to shugar, gas gangorine, sirosis of liver etc… in 1986. Being son of his father arvindhe has take care about his father’s health and spent money like water. At that olden days he spent about 18 lacs for his father’s ill health.

After dragging the pain full life years together in a fine morning his father has left this world. After his demise arvindhe is not in possiton to run the business due to lack of financial crises. About four years states together he was roming in northern india for his daily bread and butter and faced somany dificulteis in his life. At last he entered in press field in A.P at the small stage. After that day by day he got somany assendings in his proffessional life and reached his goal in his proffessional life and as well as in his family life. His responcibilities all were completed.

Again he started think about what next. Once again he refferd with our Holy books and got guidelines how to lead his remaing life. In a fine morning he announced with his family members as that the time was came nearer to leave the genaral life and take sanyasa to serve the god, which is suitble for his remaing life and left with the house towards Banaras.

On his tour first of all he was get down at Alahabad, where he was noticed an miracle first time in his life. When he was moving towards Ganga river bank to take holy bath, he was noticed an old sadhu aged about 80 and may be more than, who is standing in a row of beggers, after taking holy bath while coming back again he saw the same sadhu.

Now Arvindhe started watching the sadhu’s activities from some distence. But his activities were totally defferent comparitively with other sadhus and other beggers. He is watching in the sky by standing on single leg. He is not at all watching his bistar or with piligrims. More than theree hours were passed away. With in this time his bistar was filled with coins and indian rupees and some of forign curencey, but he didn’t cared about his bistar or with the curencey and he was not showned any interest with them and co-sadhus and beggers are trying to teft the money. But he not at all noticed with that or not angered with them and after some time he left away all the curency there itself and packed his bistar and become ready to move from there.

Watching all these things arvindhe was got somany qustions in his mind. Being journalist in his previous experience he was noticed as that every one use to run about money. Some times for the cause of property and welth somany bad incidents were taken the place in some families and somany persons were killed with the same cause and also he was noticed that from well established countreis like america to upcoming countries like our india all over this world is roming about money and running about money. For the sake of welth every one of this world is fighting each with other.

All the politicians are cheating the public with their scams. All the industialists are cheating the government or cheating the empolyees by the way of avoiding income tax or providing the fecilities to the employees according to the norms. Every where this curreption was spreaded over in this world. However there is no doubt that the money is mesmerising thing in this world. But this sadhoo is not caring about it, why, what is the reason for it, he could not get answers for all these qustions, so Arvindhe came to conclution as he has to talk with old sadhu.

Then he moved towards sadhoo. Moving after som distence he stoped that sadhoo and requested to talk some thing with him. At last they both have sat in a small temple and started conversation regarding my doubts, which were taken place in mind. After making some conversation with that sadhoo, some realities were came in front of arvindhe. Then he requested that sadhoo to give sanyasa dheeksha. But instantly the sadhoo not at all agreed with arvindhe and he has tried his level best to convince arvindhe not to take sanyasa dheeksha. After that between both of them some discussion was held regarding sanyasa dheeksha. At last sadhoo convinced to give sanyasa dheeksha to arvindhe.

After that the sadhoo has explained about his sector of sadhoo pant and explained about rituals and norms of becoming sadhoo and sadhoo has given sanyasa dheeksha to arvindhe in ganga river banks and named him as arvindhe aghori. On that day onwards arvindhe became Arvindhe Agori.

After becoming Aghori, arvindhe have done good reserch in life theame of sadhoo panth for more than six months by living together and he came to know what is the reality. In that period he has studied so many books of Aghoracharya sri Bhagvan ram ji, who was established somany Aghor ashrams and social welfare organaisation in North india. Arvindhe Aghori has got inspiration from those books and he came to a conclution what he has to do for the society being Aghori