Who is Aghori ?

He is no one other than lord parameshwera's solider. Him self he will think one member of pramatha Gana of lord parameshwara. He will save the lord followers in devotees who are moving in right path in their life and He will punish the violators of rules, which were made by the god. He wonít have any special affections to any humanbody or lives. He loves all the lives equally. When ever it may be he donít feel any sadness or happiness in his life time. The both are equal for him. That means he will live in vacuum condition of feelings and also he wonít have any taste even in food and he wonít have interest in any subject. In the same way he wonít have any friends or enemies in his life.

The supreem power lord shiva will ordered him as which way he has to follow and the aghori will obay the same. In all together he is deferent, comparitively with others in all manners. Like this In the name of Aghories so many sadhoos are spreaded over from the starting place of Ganga River and entire through banks Ganga (via) Up, Bihar to Bay of Bangal (Calcata)him self he will think as that he has taken his birth for a partuculer cause. His creator is only god. He has to obay the orders of god only and god is only the supreem for him. Hence he wonít care anyone else in the world except god. Due to maya first of all he might be lead a life as common man, But after knowing him self what he is, he will sacrifice everything in his life and he will move on his own way towards reach the godís feet. Once he entered in Aghoriís life he wonít get back to civilian life or go on other way just like common man and he wonít attracted by the usual things for ever.

Aghoriís living style is totally deferent, comparatively with belogns to hindu swamijies or other religious spiritual persons. You can see that where ever you want somany peetathipathies or cristian preasts or muslim sufies may earned in crores of rupess or dollers in the name of religious. But there is no history till this date as that some of aghories have earned in crores of rupess or dollers from the devotees and they have looted the society.

Just you think once for a minut. When thay have sacrificed every thing in their life, what for they have to do all the things. They are living in cremation grounds, they are eating which is to be giving to the dead body like raw rice or wheat powder in the part of deceased personís cremation and the aghoris are wearing the cloths, which were coverd the dead body at the time of cremating the dead body or living nakedly. In returns of this they will prays the lord parama shiva for keeping the sole in pece and join the sole in Pramatha Ganas, with out next life or give the next life in respect of good manner according to deceased activities in his/her present life.

There are two types of Aghories. Belongs to one sector they are involved in performing poojas in time of crimations and practice Thanthirk poojas for the welfare of society and another sectorís Aghories are involved in making awareness about Aghorism to spread over the India and as well as abrod through their speeches or writing books about Aghorism. However according to their ways, they are performing their duties in proper way.

Why they are doing like this, Just you think once for a minut. Only the thing is that they are strongly believed and thinking as that shavam (dead body) is shivam and What ever the services they are providing to the deceased, those will be reaches to lord parama shiva. This type of life who is maintaing, he is only real AGHORI.